Preschool 幼儿园

ProgramsArea we focusCurriculum
Caterpillar, Blueberry
(2-3 years old)
* Familiar with classroom
* Learning good habits
* Conquer separation anxiety
* Health and Safety
* Chinese songs and stories
* Circle time and play
Ladybug, Strawberry
(3-4 years old)
* Social and Independence
* Foster Creativity
* Listen to instructions
* Mandarin: Coversational chinese
                   Make simple sentences
* Math: One to one mapping. 
             Learn to count 1-20
* Cognitive: Colors and Shapes.
                   Comparison and Sorting
* English: Sound of each alphabet
                 write name
 Butterfly, Pineapple
(4-5 years old)
* Kindergarten readiness
* Logical Thinking
* Problem Solving
* Teamwork
* Mandarin: learn to recognize name
                 : recite poem
* Math: Learn to count 1-100
          : addition
          : optional abacus
* English: Sight words
              :  Phonics, learning to read
              :  Speak in front of peers


At Challenge preschool, we teach by language immersion. Through a mix of guided play-based and academic teaching, we hope your child can acquire the language naturally in a safe, nurture, but challenging environment.